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Some say he was born to the beat of a thousand conga drums crashing through the night; others claim he was a tribal child who escaped from the jungle with a rhythm you could slice with a knife. Myth, legend, or fact, all we know is this: he likes to play music.

From the tender age of 9, Mr Lewis, or Max Maximus as he is now known, had taken the first steps towards DJing with nothing more than an old record player and some Christmas-tree lights. While other children fell off bikes and squashed bugs to pass the time, he spent many happy hours mixing, scratching and gradually mastering the art of making people dance. The journey had begun...

By the age of 17 Maximus had become full-time resident at the infamous 'The Basement' nightclub in the Canary Islands. Rather than just play records, he rearranged the DJ booth so the lighting controls surrounded the mixer, allowing him complete control of the club's atmosphere, creating an exciting, electric clubbing experience, which has been his calling card ever since. The club had to close a few years later when part of the false ceiling collapsed, making him one of the only DJ's in the world who has literally "brought the roof down."

Never afraid to push boundaries, Max's sets are an eclectic mix of funky beats, underground gems and soulful electronica; his unique take on club music has secured him gigs at clubs and festivals all over the world earning him a solid reputation as an adventurous, playful and engaging DJ.


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The future is full of life, love, and of course, music.

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